It is high time that the SC ruled triple talaq as illegal

by Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Today is a very important day for Muslim women in India. Supreme Court begins hearing on pleas challenging Triple Talaq, Nikah, halala, polygamy – some of the important issues related with lives of thousands of Muslim women of India. These issues are more social than religious. The issues are before the court because the religious, political and community leaders of Muslim community failed to address them.

Supreme Court

From time to time, there have been movies highlighting plight of Muslim women as far as marriage, divorce are concerned. Movies like ‘Nikah’ and ‘Bazaar’ were well appreciated but they failed to bring change in the Muslim community which was the aim of these movies. Time and again we have read news of girls as young as 11 years old being married to old men of middle east, rescued at airports or about young girls being married off to the Muslim men who come to India for work for short period and want to have legal partner for sex and when before going back to their own land divorcing these girl. This is possible as giving talaq among Muslims in India is very easy.

Apart from saying talaq thrice face to face and throwing away wife out of the house, talaqs are being given through SMSes, emails, mails, registered post, speed post or by phone calls, Skype calls, Whatsapp messages. In Islam, the divorce process is not that easy as it has been converted to.

Banning Triple Talaq or halala or polygamy is not a political campaign as it is being made out to be by the people who are scared of awakening among Muslim women of India and this was overdue. For years, Muslim women waited for change to come from within the community. The menace of Triple talaq, polygamy, halala was affecting women by and large all sub sects of Islam in every region of India.

Take the case of two sisters married to two brothers. Elder brother gives talaq to his wife on phone sitting in Saudi Arabia. Few days later, younger brother who is also in Saudi Arabia gives talaq via phone. Both the women are forced to go back to their parent’s home along with their children.

In another case, a man in Surat divorces his wife, who had gone to her father’s place to mourn his death. On the fourth day after his father-in-law’s death, man goes to his in-laws place, asks his wife to come in the balcony of 1st floor of the flat. Standing below her balcony, he shouts talaq thrice and leaves wife behind permanently.

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