Arvind Kejriwal’s plans for Gujarat and other states go for a toss

by Friday, March 17th, 2017

There is no denying that electoral loss in Punjab and rout in Goa have dampened the spirit of the Aam Aadmi Party. Goa and Punjab poll results are definitely going to affect the morale of the workers and leaders of the AAP which is going to face Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections on April 22.

arvind kejriwal 5Kejriwal faulting EVM for poll debacle has already shown how bad loser he is. There is a likelihood of Kejriwal’s plans for Gujarat and other states going for a toss following AAP drubbing in Punjab and Goa. The first indication of how the recent election results are affecting spirit of the AAP is Kejriwal’s decision to covert March 26 rally in Gujarat into just a workers meet.

Before the election results, Kejriwal was going overboard with his March 26 rally. The twitter handles of the AAP were flooded with publicity of this rally. AAP senior leaders were promoting this proposed rally of Kejriwal in a big way. Sanjay Singh of AAP had gone to Gujarat to stay put there for some time to motivate AAP workers for fresh electoral challenge of BJP-ruled Gujarat.

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