RaGa earthquake to hit Congress?

by Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

So, Why Rahul raised this?

Despite such strong remarks from SC on the issue, Rahul Gandhi raised this again with same proofs which Prashant Bhushan submitted in the apex court.

BJP said that Rahul is shamelessly targeting PM Modi with false facts to save Gandhi family from the Augusta Westland scam. Recently, Christian Michel triggered an earthquake in Congress party by claiming that bribe was given to a Gandhi family member.

BJP also called it a diversionary tactic by Congress party to deviate attention from the Augusta Westland probe.

What will be Congress’s next stand?

Congress might try to rake up the issue again but whether this will prove poison or live saving drug needs to be seen.

Congress has failed to point out any corruption/scam in more than 2 years of Modi government. Now, they are suddenly leveling allegations against Narendra Modi. The move will backfire and will make the grand old party suffer under its own false claims. Narendra Modi is the cleanest politician and his immense popularity among the masses will ensure that Congress bites the dust while it attempts to spread baseless claims.

Congress should go SC court with new facts and clear evidence, otherwise it will prove be a huge setback for the party.

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