Rahul’s elevation delayed: Is Cong still not confident of his abilities?

by Monday, November 7th, 2016

rahul-gandhiWhen will the Congress party make up its mind about Rahul Gandhi? Once again, his coronation as Congress president has been delayed. The Congress Working Committee (CWC) may have unanimously supported elevation of Rahul Gandhi as Congress president, but the message that the entire exercise has sent out is that there are some hitch and hiccups as far as coronation of scion of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty for the top party job is concerned. The CWC’s unanimous support for Rahul Gandhi as party president–first publicly made elevation pitch– appears to be a stunt by the party leadership just for political purposes.

The meeting of the top decision-making body of the Congress, which was held today (Nov 7) was nothing more than the repetition of what happened exactly a year ago when in a similar CWC parley in 2015 Sonia Gandhi’s tenure as party president had been extended resulting in Rahul Gandhi’s elevation to the post being delayed. This is what happened even today (Nov 7) when Rahul Gandhi’s elevation was delayed, but the message was given out that the CWC is unanimous to see him as party president.

That the Congress (read old guards Vs young turks) is united over Rahul Gandhi being given the mantle of the party is the political message that the CWC sought to send out. The split between these two sections of the Congress has on many occasions come out in the open over the issue of giving Rahul top party job.

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