Lights, Crackers and Nationalism

by Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

The Festival of Lights illuminates us by its dazzling engagement. Our home and our hopes get a new shine due to some good traditions and ethos. The fast we live the later we realise that we are missing many sparks in the run. Our festival is now occupied with symbols of materials and we enjoy buying and selling happiness, in the name of old sayings and beliefs.

Pakistan Diwali

As we celebrated again the ritualistic ways to feel the essence of lights and sounds, we also remember few happenings that shape the milieu of our nation. At this juncture our feelings are with the festival and we know the value of the moment. India’s immense diversity clubs when a move combines its emotions for the nation. The #SurgicalStrikes, #IndiaStrikesBack #ChineseBoycott #PakArtistBanned and #DiwaliBlackOut somehow shows the nerve of our nations thought.

#SurgicalStrikes was the most appropriate bomb, India fired beyond the boundary. It has full capacity to blow the confidence of the perpetrators and their heads. When it happened the country was asleep and army was awake to protect us. The nation was waiting for an explode that ignite its imagination and thirst. We don’t have the official or leak video, otherwise it has crossed the record on Whatsapp/Twitter/Facebook, I am sure. Via an attack India shows that it can revert with a befitting reply at any moment. So the machine guns, LMV which fired multiple rounds of bullet has the affirmations of a nation. The light and sound of this mid night extravaganza has immense blazing moments that can fulfil the needs and demands to counter a nation, who act like an intolerant neighbour.

#IndiaStrikesBack shows the jingoism and valour of army and the political leadership. It seems that the nation was really waiting for the moment. PM Modi gave a surprise and keep mum for a long after the strikes. The Army was elated. It happened before or not doesn’t matter, the feelings of intruding with machismo was the real expression in every nook and corner of our land. Army got a new high and the expression for the soldiers goes beyond admiration. #Sandesh2Soldiers have crossed one million mark on twitter and everyone is saluting the men in dress with full respect. India’s image as a soft nation, get a new makeover and the young blood runs in every vein.

#PakArtistBanned was a by-product of #SurgicalStrikes. Everyone has a view and mostly it suits to the emotions of rhetoric. Bollywood was not happy as it effects the Diwali releases. Karan Johar and Salman Khan both joined the same chorus. But there are unseen youths and less seen celebrities who ring the bell. The demand to criticise their own nation for its fallacies, was the common sentiment. The dilemma of Pak artist was portrayed by our superstars and one TV news channel become berserk to kick them out. The era of item songs, by neighbours are gone. The bonhomie of sufi is dithering. And creativity has sense a comma for few days. Though MNS tactics to blackmail Karan Johar was not even supporter for Army veterans and defence minister.

#ChineseBoycott was the real shocker. Chinese didn’t celebrate Diwali but they love to facilitate it creatively by their full resources. From last many years we are habitual to cheap products and atrophy due to the effects of Chinese incursion in our markets. Buyers hit on China was seen more sentimental and sent a fire shock to the wholesalers. Somehow it’s become a trend and people love to show the photos boycotting Chinese products. Indian markets is flooded with mobile phones, that are made in china, but the real target was diwali related products, so the same user, using mobile things smartly, only boycotting one reason. Diwali blast really gone deeper and everyone consciously thinking about Make in India!

#DiwaliBlackOut was in favour of environment. Say no to crackers. The Sivakashi cracker factories was happy on #ChineseBoycott now seems worried. Light may be replaced by the technology( Chinese Cheap Jhalars) but the glimpse of sound with air borne light has a place in our memories. Statistics has to come how much we consume pollution on the evening of Diwali and how much noise pollution deaf us. Till then, India is thinking, waste money to taste sensibility. G20 may be forgotten but, urban class has tasted the asthma attacks on their wards. So hope they think about the neighbourhood and satisfy themselves with Indian Diyas, Candles, Jhalars and Sweets.
Every year we celebrate Diwali with a hope for money from Maa Laxmi and bonuses from Office. Somehow this time you get the bonuses in many shapes. Hope you enjoy the Festival of Lights with full glow and glamour remembering Army, Indian and Environment.

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