PM Modi pulls off diplomatic coup, makes China fall in line

by Saturday, October 15th, 2016

narendra-modi-jinpingIn what could be a diplomatic coup by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping seems to have fallen in line vis-a-vis terrorism emanating from the soil of Pakistan. China also seems to be falling in line in terms of India’s NSG bid which it has been opposed to right from the beginning.

As far as Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar is concerned, PM Modi managed to convince Chinese leader that the stand his government has been taking on Jaish-e-Mohammad chief in the United Nations so far is basically reflective of Beijing’s double standard over the issue of terrorism. Moreover, Modi also put in motion his plan to break China-Pakistan bonhomie by sending out a message that Chinese support to a country (Pakistan), which harbours terror groups, will in fact boom-rang on Beijing and damage its reputation of a responsible state.

PM Modi in no uncertain terms told Xi Jinping during bilateral meeting that there cannot be two views on terrorism. Xi Jinping is said to be convinced that no country is immune to the menace of terrorism as it affects each and every nation. That Xi expressed his concern over the terror group ISIS goes to suggest that he is taking note of the fact.

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