Triple Talaq is an absolute necessity: Dr SQR IIyas, Member, AIMPLB

by Monday, September 5th, 2016

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) filed a controversial affidavit in which it said that if triple talaq is struck down then it would lead to the man killing the wife. The affidavit was filed in the Supreme Court which is hearing a plea seeking to strike down triple talaq as unconstitutional. The affidavit further stated that a ban on polygamy also encourages illicit sex.

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The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over this matter says Dr. S Q R Ilyas a member of the AIMPLB. In this interview with, Dr Ilyas says that sometimes divorce is inevitable and in such a situation triple talaq prevents against cruelty towards the woman.

Newsroompost: Do you agree with the the board has said in the affidavit?

Dr SQR IIyas, Member, AIMPLB: Yes I do. We have cited examples and even judgments to justify everything that we have said in the affidavit.

Newsroompost: What is the large point you are trying to make?

Dr SQR IIyas, Member, AIMPLB: The point is that Supreme Court does not have the jurisdiction in such matters pertaining to personal laws. This is a matter of the legislature and not the judiciary. Personal laws come under the purview of freedom of religion.

Newsroompost: Don’t you feel that some points are extremely harsh and vague?

Dr SQR IIyas, Member, AIMPLB: No I do not think so. You must see the larger picture to it. Triple talaq is necessary and that is the only point we are making here.

Newsroompost: How does triple talaq prevent cruelty towards women?

Dr SQR IIyas, Member, AIMPLB: Sometimes a divorce is inevitable. Separation becomes absolutely necessary and in such a case triple talaq prevents cruelty towards the woman. In the Muslim community dowry deaths and wife killings are not there. This is because of triple talaq. This is because separation is easy and if the procedure of divorce is made difficult then anything could happen.

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