‘More Wanis need to die and we must not over react’

by Friday, July 15th, 2016

amar bhushanThere is a problem in Kashmir following the death of terrorist Burhan Wani. What should the government do when the mob fury is at its peak? Should there be restraint or some better mechanism be put in place?

The media shows only one side of the story, but there are also a lot of positives such as the drop in infiltration and the development in Jammu. However to deal with the present situation, the best thing would be to protect the important establishments, says former Research and Analysis Wing officer, Amar Bhushan.

In this interview with newsroompost.com, Bhushan says that when the essential commodities are hit badly that is when the local Kashmiri will realise that this has to stop.

Newsroompost: How should the problem in Kashmir be dealt with?
Bhushan: Let them pelt stones and damage their essential commodities. When they damage hospitals and schools they will understand the gravity of the problem and stop. However we must do all it takes to protect our security installations including the police stations and the army camps. If they continue to damage hospitals and schools then the locals will realise it and this will put and end to the violence.

burhan wani

Newsroompost: Has the battle in Kashmir been lost?
Bhushan: Not at all. We will witness such incidents many more times. This should not become a deterrent for our forces to kill the terrorists. Terrorists must be killed at any cost. Look at the positive too. The border has been reinforced, infiltration is under control to a large extent and the forces are killing terrorists. In Jammu, the government is going for whole hog development.

Newsroompost: Have we over reacted to the killing of Wani?
Bhushan: Yes everyone has. He was a militant who had managed to localise the militancy in Kashmir to a large extent. There will be more such incidents in the future. We need to be more prepared and enhance security. The key is not to over react.

Newsroompost: Why do you say problems will continue?
Bhushan: Pakistan has started to realise that it has become difficult for it to operate in Kashmir. Hence it will continue to keep the Valley boiling through propaganda.

Newsroompost: How do you control the Left Media coverage?
Bhushan: Turn off transponders for a few days. The I&B ministry can do it. That ought to keep them quiet.

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