Modi now sets his eyes on J-K and Jharkhand

Even before the celebrations over the BJP’s victory in Haryana and Maharashtra have ended, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is already working on his next mission, this time to create a fertile ground for the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir where assembly elections are to be held along with Jharkhand. In yet another example...[ View full story ]

October 22, 2014

ICC’s incompetence helps spawn a generation of chuckers in international cricket

In a devastating indictment of the trio of South Asian spinners- Muttiah Muralitharan, Harbhajan Singh and Saeed Ajmal-former AustralianTest umpire Darrell Hair has called them “role models for chuckers” who have helped spawn “a generation of chuckers” in international cricket. The three have accumulated 1391 wickets from 269 Tests and have scalped 976...[ View full story ]

October 21, 2014

West Indies pull-out a wake up call for ICC and other boards

The small world of cricket playing nations was shaken to its core with the unprecedented pull out of the West Indies team midway through the Indian tour. Saying that enough is enough the Caribbeans led by Dwayne Bravo decided to do the unthinkable -to discontinue remaining part of its series in the wake...[ View full story ]

October 20, 2014

Sunday verdict: Modi magic still holds

Four broad trends have emerged from the Maharashtra and Haryana election results: the Bharatiya Janata Party has emerged as a dominant force in the country, the party has established itself as the senior partner vis-a-vis its allies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has further tightened his grip over the party and the Congress is...[ View full story ]

October 19, 2014

Congress showed laxity on black money issue

The monumental laxity shown by previous Congress Govt.’s in dealing with issue of black money in tax heavens abroad is known to all. It is amusing to see the Congress Party which did not even constitute an SIT for 3 years despite orders of Supreme Court, trying to accuse NDA govt of inaction...[ View full story ]

October 18, 2014

And the black money is never coming back!

The BJP made tall promises during the Lok Sabha 2014 campaign vis-a-vis black money. Its then President Shri Rajnath Singh, during the campaign on April 21 stated: “If our party forms the government at the Centre, it would bring back all the black money stashed in foreign banks within 150 days. The money...[ View full story ]

October 18, 2014
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